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Golden Gate - Photographer Alan Chan

Having been raised on a farm in a rural part of Nothern California, I began to appreciate nature at a young age. Living amongst the lush rolling hills, creeks, and groves of redwood trees in Northern California influenced the artist within me. My father continued to nurture my love for nature by bringing out a 12" diameter telescope to stare at the celestial objects in the sky and to enhance my interest in the natural sciences. 

Fast forward twenty years, and having moved on from the rural farm that I grew up on, I now reside in the beautiful city of San Francisco. Although it may be tough to find natural beauty in San Francisco, if you look around enough, it is here. Beautiful coast lines, low sweeping fog, and amazing architecture defines San Francisco as an amazing location for photography and for living. Combining all three of the aforementioned elements that define San Francisco is something I strive to do in my photographs.  

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